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Good Energy and Granular Energy help Teemill track hourly clean power

Sustainable e-commerce platform and clothing manufacturer Teemill is one of the first companies to track its renewable electricity use from supplier Good Energy in real time.

Isle of Wight-based Teemill can now track exactly where its electricity is sourced from every hour of the day, achieving renewable matching for over 95 per cent of the time in an initial trial.

Chippenham-headquartered Good Energy, powered by London-based software provider Granular Energy, is matching renewable generation to Teemill’s consumption and delivering this insight.

Good Energy has matched the company’s electricity usage to two generators, a hydro and an anaerobic digestor site, to achieve the initial 95 per cent time-based matching.

The new transparency further demonstrates Teemill’s commitment to sustainability and tracing its environmental footprint. Time-based matching improves the accuracy of Teemill’s carbon accounting by revealing the carbon intensity for each hour of activity.

Good Energy is one of the first energy suppliers in the UK to provide hourly sourcing to its customers. A longstanding critic of certificate based greenwashing in energy supply, time-based matching is a significant part of how it goes further to provide real renewable electricity.

Ordinarily ‘100 per cent renewable’ electricity supply is guaranteed via unit-based certificates (such as REGOs) to match customers’ demand over 12 months — which does not reflect the physical reality of energy system or help integrate renewables.

Good Energy has always forecast customer demand to match with the output of the +1700 renewable generators it sources power from in half hour units, successfully achieving around 90 per cent real-time matching for several years.

The Granular Energy platform is now taking this a step further by giving Good Energy’s customer Teemill visibility into their hourly matching.

Nigel Pocklington, CEO of Good Energy, said: “There is widespread agreement that the unit-based system we have now, where certificates can be traded without suppliers buying renewable power, is not fit for purpose.

“Moving to a time-based certification system is an essential part of cracking down on greenwashing and giving customers the true picture of where their energy is coming from.

“Given Good Energy has been matching renewable generation to customer demand in this way for years, it is right that we take the lead in this space. Thanks to Granular Energy, we are now able to do that with a perfect pilot partner in Teemill.”

Granular Energy’s portfolio management platform allows Good Energy to manage, optimise and allocate certified production to consumption on an hourly basis.

This provides Good Energy a foundation to create a 24/7 carbon free energy offering to end-customers. The company is amongst the first users of the platform alongside some of the world’s biggest energy companies.

Toby Ferenczi, co-founder of Granular Energy, said: “Thanks to Good Energy, Teemill has become one of the first companies to be able to see where their electricity comes from each day. This matters because by striving for round-the-clock clean energy supply they are accelerating the shift to a carbon-free energy system.”

Mart Drake-Knight, co-founder of Teemill, said: “We look at our business as a system and within that system we look to drive positive impacts in every area, especially in our use of resources and energy.

“Being able to track our energy use this way means we not only know what we’re using, but where it is coming from, just as we do with the materials we use to make our clothing. That means all our partners, from major companies and international charities to the smallest operations, can have total confidence in our supply chain.”

This project contributes to the global drive towards greater transparency in energy procurement, known as ‘24/7 carbon-free energy.’

Recently, organisations such as Google, Microsoft and the US Federal Government have made commitments to source carbon-free energy on an hour-by-hour basis, in an effort to have greater carbon reducing impact through their energy purchases.

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