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Swindon Town Centre with a sign to Old Town

FSB to launch Swindon Day

The Federation of Small Businesses has announced the launch of Swindon Day as a day to celebrate small businesses in the town.

The organisation ran a social media campaign around Wiltshire Day on June 5, 2021 – but members in Swindon questioned why Swindon day wasn’t being marked.

A bit of digging by the FSB revealed there wasn’t a Swindon Day – so the body has now started one, with January 22 being adopted as the date.

January 22 marks the day in 1900 when Queen Victoria signed a charter – the last such of her reign – to bring Old Town and the new town established around the railway from 59 years earlier together as one.

The hill that links the two still bears her name.

The FSB has the backing of Swindon Borough Council, InBID Swindon, and the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWELP) in its bid to establish Swindon Day as a recognised calendar date.

“Wiltshire Day is now an established feature of the county calendar,” said Ruth Lambert, development manager for Somerset & Wiltshire at the FSB.

“Let’s work together to do the same for Swindon Day.”

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