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Kira Goode and Monica Wai of CupSquared

A case of innovative cleaning. Period

After a few awkward moments cleaning their eco-friendly menstrual care product, two young women came up with a solution, and turned it into a new business.

Bristol-based CupSquared was founded in 2021 by University of Bristol engineering graduate Kira Goode and management graduate Monica Wai after a year of research involving thousands of people.

The entrepreneurs are now looking to open their first pre-seed investment round to fund the next phase of manufacturing and launch the product to the market later this year.

Menstrual cups are reusable and last for years, unlike single use period pads and tampons, and Kira and Monica calculations showed that using a cup and CupSquared cleaner will save £564 over five years and use 96.6 per cent less single-use plastic over 10 years.

Menstrual cups don’t need to be cleaned in the washing machine as with washable pads, but they do need a rinse after each use and regular sterilisation, which can be awkward in a shared or public bathroom.

Kira and Monica’s solution was to develop a portable cleaning case which can be used to discreetly rinse the product immediately after use and sterilise later in private.

CupSquared cleaning case

CupSquared cleaning case

The first prototype was made on an at-home 3D printer. They are now looking for pre-seed investment for manufacturing with recycled medical grade plastic, and launch the product to the market later this year.

Since winning pockets of start up funds from their university and Enterprise Nation, and awards such as best Green Startup back in June, CupSquared has secured a place on NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub.

The programme supports entrepreneurs across the South West, offering one-to-one coaching, a programme of thought leadership and events, access to a network of like-minded peers, and full-time use of a modern co-working space.

“It’s been a complete gamechanger for us,” said Kira.

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