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Tips for achieving media coverage for your business in 2023

What will the media be tuned into during 2023? Public relations consultant Fiona Scott shares the topics that could win your company press exposure in the new year.

At the turn of each year I try to offer some journalistic insight into what themes the media might be interested in over the following 12 months.

I do this to encourage owners to be part of bigger and wider conversations around business, their communities and their sectors – no matter how big or small their business.

Being a thought leader is about being authentic, showing expertise and being available and responsive to the media.

In my experience that’s what makes the SME sector so powerful – it is flexible and agile and not caught up in complex day to day infrastructures. Yet it’s a sector which still finds it difficult to have a voice – or to be confident in having a voice.

As we go into 2023, I want to suggest ten ‘themes’ I think the media – business and general news – will consider important next year.

Ask yourself do any of these fit my business or its ethics? Does this fit the service/product we offer? Does this matter to me and/or my team?

Can you do something which speaks to these themes and embed this into a PR strategy? Can I be a thought-leader on this? Think media outreach, blogging, social media, events…the list goes on.

  1. Cost of Living Crisis and Recession – an ongoing theme, what positive hacks, tips or advice can you offer? Or do you need to talk openly about a challenge? Is this affecting your supply chain?
  2. Weather – always a good subject for the UK media, does weather impact your operations? Does this mean more work for you? Or is it a challenge? Be open about this.
  3. Green & Sustainability – this theme will continue as the 2030 aim to be more sustainable gets ever closer. Have you set goals around this? Can you be an example of best practice? Or do you think planting a few trees is enough?
  4. Technology especially AI – are you working smarter with tech, working more efficiently. How have you done that? Has it had a positive impact?
  5. Working from home and remote working – can you be part of this conversation?
  6. Ukraine War & Brexit impacts – talk openly about this especially if you have to put up prices or can’t supply stock. Sharing these challenges can impact policy at a national and international level.
  7. Wellbeing – increasingly important for all, especially if you are struggling with recruitment and retention. Care for your staff and shout out ‘how’ you are doing that.
  8. Authenticity – increasingly important when we’re in the realm of fake news. So the heart, ethics and purpose of your business and be proud of it.
  9. Opportunity for thought leadership – a greater need for contributed articles across media outlets as the sector contracts with less staff jobs.
  10. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE – your best stories come from you or your staff. Always.

Fiona Scott is a public and media relations consultant, blogger, and podcaster based in Swindon