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Local businesses support Bristol charity to tackle the stigma of dementia

A number of local businesses are supporting Bristol-based charity, BRACE Dementia Research, in its aim to get everyone talking about dementia and help tackle the stigma around it at a unique, free event in Bristol on Saturday, September 30.

BRACE’s ‘Let’s Talk Dementia’ event takes place at the end of ‘World Alzheimer’s Month’, which aims to raise awareness all month long about Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses.

The free event is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about dementia, as well as people with dementia, their families and friends.

Taking place at the Paintworks event space from 10am to 5pm, it will bring together a whole host of experts and organisations offering wide-ranging advice and support.

Around 25 local organisations and individuals will be exhibiting and taking part in the day, including specialist solicitors and dementia care experts, dementia medics, Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service, and local charities such as Alive Activities who support older people and their carers in various ways, including through their dementia allotments, and a researcher who is working on the development of the early Alzheimer’s Fastball test, which has been funded by BRACE.

For those keen to get involved in research, there will also be the chance to learn more about South West research volunteer opportunities, for people with, and without, dementia.

Alongside the exhibitors, there will be a range of fun activities for all ages to enjoy. The RWA Bristol will be running family-friendly and dementia-friendly art sessions, and there will be a giant inflatable brain dome that visitors can step inside to watch engaging, short shows about the brain.

Chris Williams, director at BRACE Dementia Research, said: “If you are living with dementia or are caring for someone with dementia, it can feel isolating, overwhelming and difficult to know where to turn.

“We wanted to create an event that would bring together a range of experts and provide support and advice in a friendly setting.

“This event isn’t just for people currently affected by dementia – one in two people will experience dementia in their lifetimes, whether through caring for a loved one or developing dementia themselves.

“We want to tackle the stigma around dementia and get everyone talking about it – we all need to better understand it. We’re hoping to see local people from all walks of life in the Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas coming together to make the most of the free activities and free expert advice on offer throughout the day. Children, grandparents, families and friends – this event is for everyone.”

Since 1987, long before the disease was in the public eye, BRACE has been funding dementia research to achieve earlier diagnosis of dementia, provide the means to understand what causes it, find new and more powerful treatments and ultimately a cure.

The charity has played a key part in the development of an early Alzheimer’s test, Fastball, which has recently been awarded £1.5 million funding from the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) to support further research and the development of the test for wider NHS use.

Over five years, Fastball will be tested on 1,000 patients in a dementia clinic at the Bristol Brain Centre representing the biggest study using EEG for Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The team behind the development of Fastball has been supported by BRACE since 2017 and continues to receive funding for the test development, with the hope of developing the test to diagnosis other common types of dementia.

To learn more about this event and to book free tickets, visit

Pictured: The BRACE Dementia Research team