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Specsavers ad

Yellow lines were marketing gold for Specsavers’ admen

Yellow road markings that had residents seeing red have scooped the Swindon branch of Specsavers a coveted award.

Their local Should’ve Gone to Specsavers campaign featuring double yellow lines on both sides of a narrow lane not wide enough to drive a car along was placed at Number 4 in Campaign Magazine’s Top 10 Regional Press Ads of the Year.

The judges said: “Everybody had a right old laugh at the council contractors in Swindon who painted double yellow lines in an alleyway too narrow to drive down and barely even wide enough for a motorcycle.

“It was manna from heaven for the quick-off-the-mark Specsavers creative team, which, within a few days, had got this ad into the local newspapers that broke the story.”

The ad was conceived in-house by Aaron Scoones, copywriter at Specsavers Creative.