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Wiltshire pubs and clubs pass police booze sting

All but one of 11 Wiltshire pubs and clubs targeted in a recent a police operation to clamp down on underage boozing has passed the test.

Young people aged between 15 and 17 were dispatched to eleven licensed premises in Calne, Corsham, Chippenham and Salisbury during an operation in May, police revealed this week.

All except one – The Jenny Wren pub in Calne – challenged the underage volunteers and either refused them entry or declined to serve them alcohol. 

Police licensing manager, David Bennett said: “We are really pleased to see that, in the main, premises visited were compliant and challenged our volunteers by either refusing entry at the door, in the case of clubs, or refusing to serve at the bar in the case of public houses. 

“Following the previous failure of two premises in Salisbury in March, it is particularly pleasing to note that all premises visited within Salisbury passed, which includes the venues that had previously failed the test purchase. 

“This does evidence the improvements that have been made since the previous operation, which goes toward supporting the ongoing objectives of minimising the exposure to youngsters of harm from alcohol consumption, and reducing alcohol related crime and disorder.

“The Jenny Wren pub in Calne did fail by serving a volunteer without any challenge being made.
The designated premises supervisor has been advised and follow up action will be taken. We will work with the venue in an effort to improve procedures.”

Mr Bennet said that 
underage consumption of alcohol was of significant concern to Wiltshire Police, and warned: “We will conduct this type of operation on a regular basis.”

All other venues visited – which include The Kings Arms, Calne; Wheatsheaf, Calne 
; Four Seasons, Chippenham; Brunel, Chippeham; Rose and Crown, Chippenham; 
Bar 11, Chippenham; The King’s Head, Salisbury; 
The Cathedral Hotel, Salisbury; 
White Rooms, Salisbury; and The Chapel, Salisbury will now be formally notified with details of the operation.