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Mark Rickaby

Wiltshire accountancy firm launches app to help business owners manage finances on the move

Wiltshire company Sunflower Accounts Ltd has launched an app to make finances more user-friendly.

The Calne-based company has launched the app on iTunes and on GooglePlay with the aim of helping business owners, directors or employees to keep track of their revenue and expenditure remotely. The app is free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone.

Mark Rickaby, co-founder of Sunflower Accounts, said: “We’ve launched the app Sunflower Accounts to support SMEs throughout the UK. There is an income tracker and receipt manager for tracking sales revenue and for logging expenditure on the go.

“There is useful information about key dates in the financial year as well as tax rates and VAT rates. At the end of the year, details can easily be transferred on to a spreadsheet. For IPhone and IOS users, there’s also a mileage tracker available.”

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