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Peter Wilcock and his book The Business Whisperer

The writing’s on the wall for business book author

When a Swindon businessman wanted an artist to supply sketches for his first book, he needed to look no further than within his own team.

Peter Wilcock, director of Swindon based contact centre Carpeo, has published The Business Whisperer with images by team leader Nathan Jacka.

Now the illustrator plans for create a Banksy-style mural depicting the cover image of The Business Whisperer on a wall at Goddard Tennis Courts in Swindon – a designated graffiti area.

The book is a series of analogies, which can be used in business, but the unique twist is each analogy relates to animals – the subtitle of the book is The Animal Guide to Surviving the Business Jungle.

Nathan was asked to create 18 images to accompany each of the chapters. “It was great fun working on the book,” said Nathan. “Peter would send me a note with the image he wanted and I would sit down and create it. Luckily he loved each one without any changes!”

The Business Whisperer is available from