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Kate Westbrook

Seminar to guide Wiltshire businesses on journey to the Cloud

Businesses across Wiltshire will have the opportunity to grill legal and IT professionals about the workings, benefits and risks of Cloud computing at a seminar in Swindon in May.

Experts from leading commercial law firm Thrings and independent IT consultancy Nubo Consulting will attempt to demystify the phenomenon of Cloud computing – the management and provision of applications, information and data as a service over the internet – at the event which takes place at Thrings’ offices on Drakes Meadow on Wednesday, May 14.

Featuring presentations by Kate Westbrook, corporate partner at Thrings, and Adrian White, CEO of Nubo Consulting, the seminar will provide attendees with independent guidance about Cloud-based computing, advise end users about the best solutions and explain, in basic terms, the legal, commercial and technological implications.

Organisers expect the seminar to attract firms of all sizes and from all sectors, including start-ups seeking advice on their current IT strategy to larger, and more established companies looking to rationalise their existing infrastructure by entering the Cloud.

Topics under discussion at the seminar will include:

  • Managing the implementation of Cloud computing
  • Transitioning current IT systems to the Cloud
  • Advising on the best solutions for the end-user
  • Data protection
  • Exiting from a Cloud service

Attendees will also take part in a question and answer session and debate many of the key topics around the issue of Cloud computing.

“Cloud computing can offer substantial savings from more traditional models of computing, with businesses able to pass on savings to customers due to greater economies of scale,” said Kate.

“But there are also a number of legal issues to bear in mind when negotiating contract terms and service level agreements with the Cloud service provider.

“With data protection legislation very much a hot topic, data privacy and security is of paramount importance to businesses, as is ensuring they have a right of access to data if they exit the Cloud service.”

Adrian added: “In recent years many organisations, including Netflix and Transics, have managed to significantly reduce their IT costs as a result of using Cloud computing services.

“With a European Commission report suggesting that 80 percent of companies could reduce their costs by as much as a fifth by introducing a Cloud-based system , it is perhaps not surprising to learn that three-quarters of SMEs in the UK have adopted Cloud computing in some form.

“The evolution of Cloud computing in recent years has been rapid, but any business contemplating a migration to such a system, or one which is looking for ways to gain further competitive advantage, needs to be aware that while operating in the Cloud can offer great rewards, there are also risks involved and requirements to be met.”

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