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Thrings in Swindon

Online tour offers Thrings’ Swindon clients unique insight

Thrings has enhanced its offering to clients by becoming the first law firm in Swindon to offer an interactive, 3D virtual tour of its offices.

Anyone planning to visit Thrings’ premises in Drakes Meadow can now view high quality, 360-degree photographs of the firm’s main client-facing areas directly from Google Maps, effectively enabling them to explore the office from the comfort of their own home, smart phone, computer or tablet.

People searching for Thrings on Google will see the interior of Thrings’ offices displayed directly on the search results page. The panoramic images are also integrated with Google Search, Google My Business, Google Streetview, Google+ and Google Maps.

The new technology will give clients a better sense of the size, layout and decor of Thrings’ reception area, 11 meeting rooms and 1,840 sq ft conference room, which has recently hosted events for Swindon Chamber of Commerce, SN Action for Property, Wiltshire Building Design Association and The Law Society.

Images containing confidential and potentially commercially-sensitive information such as computer screens and people’s faces are obscured.

Simon Holdsworth, managing partner of Thrings, explained: “The walk-through experience gives existing and prospective clients a sense of what it would be like to visit our offices in Swindon.

“We feel that adding a visual element can be a key differentiator for us as it offers greater insight into our business and an opportunity for people to understand more about the personality of the firm.

“We also recognise that many people meet with their lawyer to discuss personal information, making it an emotive experience. For new clients in particular, having the opportunity to see the venue for the meeting in advance may assist them with their preparation, and if necessary, provide them with a sense of calm.

“Virtual tours have been shown to improve customer engagement by increasing footfall and users’ online and social media presence. While these potentially afford the firm further competitive advantage, the introduction of virtual tours also reinforces our values of professionalism, openness and transparency.”

Thrings is also introducing a virtual tour of its other main UK offices in Bristol, Bath and London. Virtual tour photography for all four offices was supplied by Samantha Mignano, director of Beyond Metrix Ltd and certified Google Maps Business View Trusted Photographer.

Samantha has created engaging virtual tours for colleges, hospitals, restaurants and businesses across the UK since 2001.

Samantha said: “Virtual tours are a great way for forward-thinking organisations to engage with clients at an early stage, and enabling clients to see inside the business and encounter the brand before they visit can be an important first step.

“It also provides an opportunity for firms to optimise their Google profile and stand out from the competition when it comes to online search results and social media.”