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Shaun in the City ©&TM Aardman/Shaun the Sheep Ltd. 2014 ® Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity. Charity No. 1043603

Nutricia announces Baa-rilliant sponsorshop for Shaun in the City trail

Trowbridge-based medical nutrition company Nutricia has announced it’s a ‘leader of the flock’ in the 2015 Shaun in the City project to raise money for sick children in the UK.

Shaun in the City promises to be the most iconic fundraising project run by the Wallace & Gromit Children’s Charity after the phenomenal success of Gromit Unleashed two years ago.

This time, Aardman’s internationally-acclaimed character Shaun the Sheep will appear in two major arts trails in London and Bristol where each city will separately play host to a flock of unique Shauns. The giant Shauns will be placed in key locations and green spaces all around the two cities.

With over four million fans on social media, his own TV series, and his big screen debut with Shaun the Sheep The Movie in February, the much anticipated Shaun in the City trail is expected to engage millions of fans, tourists and communities

The Shaun In The City project is already generating excitement. Both city arts trails will culminate in a VIP auction of the 120 Shauns which is expected to raise millions. A staggering £2.35 million was raised at the Gromit Unleashed auction, with Pixar’s ‘Gromit Lightyear’ sculpture fetching £65,000.

Each arts trail has ten main sponsors known as ‘Leaders of the Flock’ – and Nutricia is one of those sponsors for London.

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is the UK’s largest provider of medical nutrition products and services. Working with healthcare professionals and organisations across the country and internationally, it’s dedicated to pioneering nutritional solutions helping people live healthier and longer lives.

In hospitals throughout the UK, the company provides specialist nutrition for children who need additional nutrition support.

Kate Hall, external affairs manager, said: “It’s so exciting for Nutricia and its staff to be involved in such a worthwhile, colourful and imaginative project.

“At Nutricia we already work with the charity helping children’s hospitals nationwide so our staff know how important it is to support families through the most difficult times.

“Currently we are organising our plans for fundraising and volunteering and we hope, at the end of this iconic project, our ‘Shaun’ will raise many thousands of pounds to help families who need help from the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Charity.”