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Martin Wyse

Don’t think of a blue tree, language expert will tell networkers

Delegates at a networking lunch in Marlborough next week will be told not to talk about a blue tree… prompting them to do just the opposite.

In an interactive introduction to his field, Martin Wyse – an expert of hidden messages in language – will show networkers at the Wessex Chamber networking lunch in Marlborough how simple changes to the words we use can effect the message we are trying to convey.

“Tell people not to think of a blue tree and they immediately think of a blue tree,” said Martin, whose business – Another Point of View – is based in Calne.

“You can use that in a sales call. You don’t want to criticise your competitor – that would reflect badly on you – so tell the person you’re talking to “I’m not here to tell you how my product is better than the other guy’s.”

Understanding the rules of language can also be employed – in speech, and in the written word – to make recipients think about the positive, rather than the negative.

“It’s sunny this morning, but it will be raining this afternoon,” makes you think about the rain, said Martin.

“It’s sunny this morning, even though it will be raining this afternoon,” makes you think about the sun.

“I’ll be helping people to understand these rules of language, and how they can apply them in a business context.”

The Marlborough networking lunch will be held on Wednesday, May 7 at Marlborough Golf Club, from 12.30pm until 2pm. Attendance costs £20 for members and £41 for non-members. To book a place log on to