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Alex Dean of Bridge Homes with plans for the Bridge Garage site, in front of the filling station forecourt, with the listed buildings in the background

Filling station to make way for prestige housing development

A Marlborough filling station could be demolished to make way for a prestige housing development that will “enhance the gateway to the town,” under ambitious plans unveiled by its owner this week.

Alex Dean, who owns Bridge Fuels on London Road, plans to flatten the filling station – one of two serving the town – to create a riverside housing development.

Alex, who took over the ownership of the filling station from his father, Zubair, in November last year, will be seeking permission from Wiltshire Council to build two four-bedroom detached homes, three three-bedroom detached homes, and a two-bedroom detached home.

His plans also include the restoration of a terrace of dilapidated 18th century cottages to create three two-bedroom homes, and the demolition of the adjoining former Antiques Emporium, which will make way for a two-bedroom house on the end of the terrace.

Architecture graduate Alex said: “The new development has been designed to be in keeping with the historic London Road street scene.

“The site is one of the gateways to the Marlborough conservation area. We’ve spent 18 months and 14 revisions getting this plan right.

“Wiltshire Council has asked us for something ‘culturally significant,’ and that’s what we’ve delivered, including some interesting curved walls on the properties facing London Road and an overall design that compliments and enhances the area.”

He said that the owners of the houses would enjoy ample parking, south facing gardens and, in the case of those properties at the back of the development, views of the River Kennet.

The name of the development is likely to reflect its riverside setting. “It will almost certainly be on a riparian theme,” said Alex.

Marlborough residents will get the chance to look over the plans, and have their say on the proposed development, during a public consultation exercise, which is being run at the forecourt shop from today (Thursday).

An application for planning permission is likely to be lodged with Wiltshire Council towards the end of 2013.

If planning permission is granted, the site will be developed in two phases, with the listed buildings being renovated, and the Antiques Emporium demolished, first. Phase two will see the development of the wider site.