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Mark Somerville Edward Hall

Estate agent turns office into mini art gallery

The Marlborough office of estate agent Smiths Gore has become a mini art gallery, after professional local artists were invited to display their work on the office walls.

Professional photographer Mark Somerville is the first artist to have his work displayed at the office.

Mark’s rolling landscapes will be a feature of Smiths Gore for the next four months.

The two examples of his work in the gallery demonstrate the use of imagery captured in camera to provoke a response and connect the viewer to the subject.

“A pretty picture is all well and good”, he says, “but I try to convey the impact the image had on my senses when I first framed it up.

“The moment is preserved with all its detail, drama and subtleties intact. For me, it’s all about sharing that emotion with the viewer.”

Smiths Gore is representing Mark during Marlborough Open Studios’ Windows on Art season, which runs throughout July, and sees the town centre turned into an art gallery as shops and offices display painting, photographs, sketches and sculptures by professional and semi-professional artists.

Edward Hall, head of the agency, said: ““We welcome the public to come in and see our mini-gallery, enjoy a cup of coffee and have a chat. If we can help with their property needs, so much the better.”