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Alex Minoudis

Business leaders welcome launch of Operation Dasher

Business leaders in Marlborough have welcomed a police operation that will see more bobbies on the beat in the town this Christmas.

Operation Dasher, which was launched yesterday, is a bid to target crime and anti-social behaviour, during criminals’ most active time of year.

The increased police presence – by both uniformed and plain clothed officers – aims to deter and arrest criminals including shoplifters and purse-snatchers, while a drive against anti-social behaviour in the night time economy should make pubs safer places, whilst reducing the damage to business by alcohol-related vandalism.

Police Sergeant Barry Reed explained: “Essentially it is about making people safe, whether it is personal safety or that of their property.”

Alex Minoudis, president of Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, said: “We support any effort to protect the town’s retailers, and those who come to our town to shop, from criminals during the busy Christmas period,” he told Marlborough News Online.

“Furthermore, we are delighted to see action being taken to tackle anti social behaviour during the night hours – trouble which often leads to expense and inconvenience for our members in the form of damage to property.

“We applaud the Operation Dasher initiative, and look forward to seeing an increased police presence on our streets during this busy period.”