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Aliz Bodo

Bookkeeper has her head for figures in The Cloud

A Wiltshire bookkeeper will be helping small business owners manage their finances themselves – using Cloud-based technology.

A series of workshops, led by Aliz Bodo of Wise Bookkeeping Services in Marlborough, will introduce delegates to The Cloud, how it operates, and how it can be utilised to make bookkeeping a seamless task.

Topics will include an introduction to Cloud using bookkeeping software like KashFlow, invoicing, customer debtors, projects, and bank accounts.

Aliz said: “The workshop will help an small business understand their finances and show that they can use them for making business decisions on positioning and marketing as well as having better forecasting for VAT and tax.”

Workshops will be held between 7pm and 8.30pm on Thursday, November 7, Tuesday, February 11, Wednesday, February 23 and Wednesday, June 26 at St John’s School in Marlborough.

Meanwhile, Aliz has launched a series of interactive online webinars, which will be held on the first, second and third Thursday of the month, from 7pm, beginning on Thursday, September 5. Attendance costs £15.

For more information about the physical workshops or webinars, log on to