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Your brand matters more now than ever – BusinessWise

Your brand needs to create impact, make an impression, and demonstrate your expertise, all in a matter of seconds, says BusinessWise member Mike Land of Nickel Design.

I have been living and breathing design and branding for more than 30 years. Although the landscape has changed a lot, the principles have remained pretty much the same.

The biggest change is our use of technology, we now have more channels and platforms available to market, advertise and speak to our target audience.

So, your brand is more important than ever before. You need to create more impact, a bigger impression, and demonstrate our expertise, all in a matter of seconds. The first impression of your business could be your last.

Here are my tips for great branding:

1. Make it simple – your brand needs to be easy to recognise. A bad brand often tries to incorporate too many elements, making it look cluttered and difficult to understand.
2. Choose the right colour – Every colour can trigger a range of emotional responses. Colours should complement each other and align with your brand’s personality.
3. Pick the right font – typography plays an important part in branding too. The font should be easy to read and align with the brand’s identity.
4. Make sure it connects – the elements you use should connect with the products or services they represent. Don’t try and be too clever, as it could be lost in translation and easily forgotten.
5. Make sure it works – your brand needs to work in various applications, from a business card to a billboard. Your brand could lose impact when scaled or placed on different backgrounds.

Here are a few examples of great rebrands –

Burger King – it’s been 20 years since the last brand revamp. This time the company has gone retro, with a flat logo similar to the design used in the 70s, 80s and 90s. A time when things were simpler and more fun.

Mastercard – the original logo was created in 1968. The company has simplified the overlapping circles and has removed the brand name in some of the versions. I love the use of lowercase – it still looks corporate but will appeal to a much wider audience.

BMW – the car manufacturer has opted for a 2D version of their iconic badge. They have replaced the black border with a minimalist design and a transparent backdrop. They have kept the blue and white centre, a nod to their heritage as aircraft builders.

Before you rush off and begin rebranding, here are a few things you need to consider:
· Have you changed the structure of your business?
· Are you targeting a new audience or sector?
· Have you changed your range of products or services?
· Have you redefined your values?
· Don’t remove elements that help people recognise your brand.
· Don’t limit rebranding to only the visual elements.
· Don’t forget your customer base and their loyalty to your brand.

And finally, your brand is an investment, not a cost. It won’t change your business overnight, it will take time to build brand awareness, recognition, and recall.

Mike Land is a member of the not-for-profit business referral group BusinessWise, which meets fortnightly at Basset Down Golf Club, near Swindon.

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