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Nigel Scott

Seven reasons why you don’t need that team meeting

Do you hold regular meetings with your team?

Many of us are busy and feel that a team meeting is too time-consuming when we should be getting on with our ‘real work’.

So to help you out I have come up with seven reasons why you don’t need to hold team meetings:

  • Your team are all psychic and know what you are thinking.   
  • They read every email you send and every message on the board. Immediately.
  • They take exactly the meaning you intended from every email and notice board.
  • They understand your priorities without you having to mention them.
  • They communicate perfectly with each other at all times.
  • They always do the right thing right first time and, frankly don’t need any help from you, thanks very much.
  • They all know exactly which customers are most important to you right now and how you want them treated.

If this is making you think that team meetings are maybe a good idea after all, contact me now and I will send you some guidance for good team meetings.

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