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Blogging for Business

Blogging for business

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to promote your business, blogging is an excellent way of demonstrating your expertise, and winning new customers.

Here are my top tips to get you started:

Show your audience you know your onions. Write about timely and relevant topics, provide your own take, and show clients and potential customers how they can fix a problem or fulfil a need.

Get over the idea that you’re giving away ‘trade secrets’. By offering valuable information, tips and advice, you’ll become the go-to guy or gal within your industry. 

Avoid the hard sell, but do provide a call to action. If there’s something your audience needs to do, rather than simply be aware of, show them how you can provide that solution.

Don’t just let your blog sit on your website. Take the ‘Google gamble’ out of blogging, by posting your advice on your favourite social networks – LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter – or looking for relevant platforms that will promote your blog for you… like the Experts section of Business Biscuit.

Turn your blog into newsletter content. Collect customer data (responsibly!) and send them an email when you have something important to tell them.

Need help with blogging for business? Contact Peter Davison at Secret Agent Marketing. 01672 811515.