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Nigel Scott

Expert opinion: What do your customers really think of you and why should you care

Your customers are loyal and keep coming back. They even introduce other people to your business from time to time, as most of your new business comes from ‘word of mouth’. So they must be happy, right? Well… maybe.

If your customers come back and introduce other people then of course that’s good, and yes, there must be lots of things you are doing well for them. Well done! So what’s the problem?

Did you ever lose a customer without really expecting to? Someone who just drifted away even though they had been a customer for years? Have you checked?

Think about these questions:

1. Are your customers needs exactly the same now as they always were?
2. How do you know?
3. Are there any competitors around?
4. When was the last time they spoke to your customers?
5. Do you get feedback from your customers (positive OR negative)?
6. What about the ones who don’t give you any feedback – what do they think? (Beware the quiet ones! )

The business world is constantly changing, and our expectations of service are constantly going up (mine are, yours are, and so are your customers’). Find out what you could do better for them, and do it.

NB If you want to know what your customers think, why not ask them?

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