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Gail Gibson

Expert opinion: Buy In for networking success

When you attend networking events, do you sometimes feel that other people make better connections and achieve more business from networking than you do?

Are you puzzled as to the secret of their success?

As you know, networking is about building relationships. Networking is not simply a business transaction that delivers a return, at first.

Good relationships with the right people take time to build.

Consider the most successful relationships in your life. What is the foundation of each relationship built on? Time. The time that you have taken to get to know a person and buy into who they are before you are inclined to develop a relationship with them.

In business the building of relationships via networking, either online or offline, is no different. Before an individual makes a decision to secure your services, you need to get the ‘buy in’ from them.

First, an individual needs to understand why you do what you do and how you can help them, in other words to ‘like you’.

To kickstart your networking in 2014, focus on establishing better ’buy in’ relationships. Listen more and talk less. This will help you identify the specific needs of the people you meet and talk to, leading to improved opportunities for business success!

Gail Gibson is a coach, trainer, speaker and author of ‘Making Connections’. For more from Gail, log on to