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James Phipps of SMARTech

SMARTech Energy appoints entrepreneur James Phipps as new chairman

Swindon entrepreneur James Phipps has been appointed as chairman of Chippenham-based SMARTech energy.

The former CEO of IT support brand Excalibur, James has joined SMARTech energy to support founder Stuart Pearce and his team to grow the business, which was started eight years ago.

Today SMARTech, with an HQ team of 14 people and a network of partners, is an energy management and carbon reduction specialist that works with larger businesses to efficiently reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint over at least a seven to ten-year period.

They do this using a range of solutions which include an EEaaS (energy efficiency as a service) model. This means clients don’t have to make upfront investment, yet they do have to commit to a long-term business relationship.

James, who has invested his own money into the business, said: “I believe this offering from SMARTech is both futurist and disruptive. It allows larger businesses which routinely would spend at least £300,000 a year on their energy costs to work with us and make savings through energy consultancy, strategy and technical solutions which we provide.

“Technology gets smarter and is moving quickly and we can future-proof our clients with that in mind due to the many years of engineering expertise we have in our midst.

“I’ve known of Stuart and SMARTech for some years and the war in Ukraine has really spurred me to think more carefully about our energy usage in the UK.

“It’s great to raise money and help individuals affected by the war, however we also need to look for business solutions to reduce our dependency on energy from external sources. And that’s even before we consider the vital ‘green’ benefit to business.”

James’ aims in working with SMARTech include:

  • Exploring new sectors for bigger impact.
  • Acquisition for growth
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Pioneering a move towards EEaaS in business

Founder and managing director Stuart Pearce said: “We are all thrilled as a team that James has come on board and has brought his keen business acumen and experience to help us evolve as a business and to become part of the growing green economy.

“We are already working in the hotel and education sectors and will be looking to expand our clients in those areas. We are looking to work with larger companies in manufacturing across the South West, those businesses where energy efficiency can directly impact their bottom line.

“We know, with these businesses, we can achieve savings for them and for the planet within four months.”