Why advertise on Business Biscuit?

  • We break news stories. Because Business Biscuit is web-based, rather than print-reliant, because of the immediacy of social networking, and because we have our ear to the ground Business Biscuit is often first with the news.
  • The site is supported by a free weekly e-newsletter, daily postings on Facebook, on LinkedIn (more than 2,500 connections), and daily tweets to 3,000 followers, which are regularly shared by readers.
  • Your advertisement will be easily seen throughout the site, not obscured by clutter or hidden on a back page.
  • Your business news will feature on the site.
  • Wiltshire and Swindon newspapers and radio stations frequently re-run our stories.
  • Incredibly cost-effective at less than £60 per month, for an annual contract. Payment options are available.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions in our Experts section and become a coveted Expert of the Week on our e-newsletter. For tips and guidelines about writing an Experts column, click here.

Advertising on Business Biscuit costs just £699 for 12 months, which we believe is the best value for money B2B advertising in Swindon and Wiltshire. We are also pleased to offer more prominent banner adverts: site-wide top-of-page position available for £1,999 PA, and a large left-hand position for £1,299 PA.

We also offer monthly advertising at £99 per month – perfect if you have an event or time-limited promotion to run.

Not only will an advertising campaign with associated editorial bring you fresh business leads, but you’ll be supporting an important free resource for businesses in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Sponsored Editorial

Want to reach thousands of Business Biscuit readers, but don’t want to advertise? At Business Biscuit, we believe display advertising – priced from just £699 for a full 12 months, and with preferential editorial treatment – offers unbeatable value for money.

However, we realise the deal is not for everyone. So to guarantee the use of your news story or event, we now offer Sponsored Editorial.

Your story will run among the normal pieces of editorial. We will share the story with our social media followers (currently 3,000+ on Twitter and 2,500+ on LinkedIn) and include the story on our weekly newsletter.

And, if you’re not confident about your news writing ability, our editor will work on your story to ensure it carries maximum punch. We can even guarantee when your story will appear – to the day or week. The only difference between your story and a regular piece of editorial is that your news item will be labelled Sponsored Editorial.

Sponsored Editorial costs just £99. For more information, contact the editor at